Glossary of Terms


Financial Tombstones

Financial Tombstones are customized gifts designed to commemorate a successful financial transaction. They typically include the details of the deal, the parties involved, and associated logos. Financial Tombstones, also known as Deal Toys or Deal Gifts, are prized as symbols of achievement.

Deal Toys

Deal Toys are customized gift that commemorate the completion of a business deal.
They typically include the details of the deal, the parties involved, and associated logos. Also known as Deal Gifts or Financial Tombstones


Marking is the process used to personalize the pieces in your order. We use sandblasting to mark crystal and glass pieces. We use laser engraving to mark wooden pieces. Both types of markings are permanent and have a high perceived value.


The process of designing and marking pieces to make them unique to your event or occasion. Personalization typically refers to the details and markings that make your pieces special. Personalized products have a higher perceived value because they are made with intention and not considered “off the shelf”.


A broader term for personalization that refers to tailoring a product to accommodate your specific requests. Though personalization and customization are often used interchangeably, customization tends to refer to the style and dimensions of a piece, while personalization refers to the markings on it.

Lead Time

Lead Time is the time required to design, produce and deliver your order. Our standard lead time is 10 business days from your order date, to in your hands.


Sandblasting is a permanent marking process that uses pressurized air and sand to carve text and artwork into crystal. Sandblasting is done by hand and requires skill and experience to look great. Our team of experienced makers ensure that all sandblasted crystal looks crisp and impressive.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is a permanent marking process that uses a focused beam of light to carve text and artwork into wood. Laser Engraving is a machine process that allows for even greater detail and resolution. Our designers and makers are skilled at laser engraving, ensuring that all lasered wood looks sharp and eye-catching.

Lucite Embedments

Lucite Embedments, or Lucites as they are sometimes called, look like glass but are actually made from acrylic. Lucite is versatile and can be shaped easily, which also allows for items to be embedded within it. Lucite Embedments are fully customized and are only available upon special request from